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Ghost Tales of North Carolina


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About the Author

"There is no way to escape the the ghost tales and legends of the Outer Banks"

- Joe Sledge

Growing up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina meant that I lived on the literal edge of our world. The barrier islands were a very stark crossroads between land and sea. The rest of North Carolina was a blur to me, only seen out the window of a car as we drove inland to visit family. My world ended at the water’s edge. It’s no surprise I stared off and wondered what was beyond the horizon.

A Travel Guide To North Carolina's Out Of The Ordinary Attractions
DidYouSeeThatOBX JSledge Final 10-14.png
A Travel Guide To The Out Of The Ordinary Attractions On The North Carolina Coast
Another Travel Guide To The Ordinary Attractions In The Old North State
A Ghostly Guide To The Haunts Of The Old North State
Haunting The Outer Banks Cover.jpg
Thirteen Tales Of Terror From The North Carolina Coast
Unmerciful original.png
Who Knows What Spirits Lurk In The Graveyard Of The Atlantic?
Unmerciful retro edition.png
Retro 80s Edition
Bess Cover4.png
In the 1950s, fifteen year old Bess Truly and her friends fight off an invasion from another world
A Story Of Seashore Life And Manners (1850)
Haunting The Carolina Coast.jpg
Thirteen more chilling and scary stories from the Outer Banks
In this book, there are thirteen stories that are less known, rarely told or repeated.

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