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ISBN 979-8988017103

A Memoir Of A Teacher’s Life On The Rugged Hatteras Shore

In 1930, Stanley Green went from a student at UNC to becoming a teacher and principal on the rugged coast of the Outer Banks at Avon, Kinnakeet, to the locals. They expected a rugged brute to beat the teenage students into submission. What they got was the opposite. Short and slight of build, Stanley instead bonded with the students, bringing education and respect to his school and the island.

For twelve years Stanley would live and work with the Kinnakeeters, younguns and adults. He became a popular and well liked teacher, a true part of the village. Even when war came to the coast, he would join up in the Coast Guard and protect the island that became his home.

Originally written in 1971, this book is now back in print, with added material by local author Joe Sledge. Interestingly, Joe made a rather happy discovery in searching out Stanley's estate to get permission to reprint the book.

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