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Thirteen Tales Of Terror From The North Carolina Coast

Growing up on the coast, I heard all the ghost tales and sanguine legends of the Outer Banks. Bloody murders, vengeful pirates, scary witches, and ghosts. Lots of ghosts. I wanted to retell some of those great old stories in a new voice. I also wanted to share the stories I had heard that were left untold in other books. So I wrote this, Haunting The Outer Banks. These are real ghost tales, meant to be retold on a dark night on the beach, on a back porch as the sea breeze blows in, when the wind whistles through the salt rimed screens of a beach house. Read about a little girl that haunts the dark corners of a famous house. Hoodoos chase children in the dark streets of Manteo. The lighthouses that shine as protective beacons for mariners are also the homes of spirits long passed, but still with us. Shadowy specters wander the beaches of Hatteras and Nags Head. All these tales and more a waiting to be read in Haunting The Outer Banks.

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The links provided currently use and Amazon. Bookshop is an alterative to the Big A that provides both a trustworthy site to buy books, as well as helping to support independent book stores and authors, such as me. Bookshop uses Ingram, the major distributor to book stores, to fulfill the orders. Amazon offers the ease of purchase for its many users, and pays authors a high commission. As much as I would prefer you to order from local shops, I know that there is a need for convenience in purchases as well, and have provided links to both options. 

Please note that at this time, the Retro Edition of The Unmerciful Sea is only available through my site or through the single online retailer. This is due to its particular size and layout. I will be working on getting that book version available through Ingram soon. Nag's Head is only available through Amazon as well, for similar reasons. Both books can still be ordered by your favorite book store.

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