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Stanley Green first published his memoir of the life he led as a new teacher on the Outer Banks back in 1971. Kinnakeet Adventure tells his story of quickly going from a young college student to a teacher and principal on the Hatteras coast in 1930. Facing both a rugged and isolated island, along with rugged and powerful students, Stanley bonds with the locals over their mutual desire to learn. With his respect and passion, he becomes a neighbor and friend, ultimately a Kinnakeeter himself.
This book not only tells Stanley's story, but the story of Kinnakeet itself, along with a host of history not well documented from times past. It is an amazing read. This is great for not ony teachers, but anyone fascinated by island life at this time of great change. Kinnakeet had no roads, and barely a school, at the same time that war was on the horizon, and splitting the atom was being studied across the world. It is an amazing painting of a time of change for the people and the islands of the Outer Banks.

Kinnakeet Adventure

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