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The newest addition to my Haunting North Carolina series of books is Haunting The Cape Fear Coast. With Wilmington as a center and backdrop to many of these stories, you’ll find some famous tales and others that locals and visitors to the port city and the beaches beyond may not even know. There are thirteen lucky tales to be told, with some classics spun in new ways, like the Emma Baldwin house and her ghostly antics of leaving teeth, as well as the creepy and sordid history of the Bellamy Mansion and what it hides behind the fancy exterior. But there is much more than that, with some fun tales of ghosts helping things go right, like when Willie Mosconi came to play a round of pool, or setting things right when a prank goes wrong at the old hanging tree near Aerlie Gardens.
And there certainly are more tales to tell, like along Bald Head Island, where most people know of the legend of Theodosia Burr, but may not know who still haunts her, and the people who may be unfortunate enough to get in the way! Southport, Oak Island, and Fort Fisher are all included, with new stories of their own.
I had fun, as I always do, writing this book. I had to learn new tales, since this was unfamiliar territory for me. I have been visiting the area more recently, but I have always loved seeing Wilmington and the beaches and the river. Just like with the other books, I found some obscure and lesser known legends, and found a way to retell the classics with a new, more modern twixt. As with all the books in my Haunting North Carolina series, you’ll be a little scared, a little thrilled, and very entertained! 

Haunting The Cape Fear Coast

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