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I created these fun little books which have one spooky little ghost story from each of my ghost books from the Haunting North Carolina book series. I wanted something fun and simple that I could share with others. They were meant as samples, almost a fancy business card, that I could share with kids and fans. Only about 25 pages and small enough to fit in one hand, they are just a spooky story in a spooky little book. 
You can buy one here, only $5, for me to donate to a free little library when I am out traveling. Or maybe just to give to a kid, or a kid at heart, who likes a good ghost story. 
Help support me, and help share some great tales with others. I'll even put your name in the book as a donor if you like. Just leave a note on the order. And thanks for supporting me!

Donate A Spooky Little Book

Sales Tax Included

This will be a donation, by me, to a local or regional place or person. You will not receive a book. This is simply a gift donation you will make through me to a library, school, or group. You will not pay for shipping, only the book, at a slight discount. If you want your own copy, please choose an autographed book from the links on the main autographed book page. You will still fill out the shipping information and payment information. This is soley to  meet the requirements for the online commerce section of this website. But, again, you will not receive this product.
Additionally, there is no refund or replacement for this product.

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