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Who Knows What Spirits Lurk In The Graveyard Of The Atlantic?

In 1985, Hurricane Irene brings a surprising shipwreck to the soft beach of Ocracoke Island in the form of a derelict U-Boat, a shipwreck from a different time. When the few locals remaining on the island decide to crack it open, they discover the crew is still aboard, and still alive, cursed to live forever in darkness for the sins they committed decades before.

But if they survived, others did, too. From the depths of the Atlantic boil horrid nightmares of the past in the forms of the victims of the Nazi submarine, all bent on revenge on the suddenly freed last vestige of the Kriegsmarine. When the relentless red eyed zombie wraiths find their way to the submarine crew, nothing will stand between them and their long demanded retribution. The islanders are caught in the middle, as hell comes to Ocracoke.

This work of horror fiction is obviously written for adult fans of horror and thriller genres. It is written under the pen name of John Martell.

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Online Ordering

The links provided currently use and Amazon. Bookshop is an alterative to the Big A that provides both a trustworthy site to buy books, as well as helping to support independent book stores and authors, such as me. Bookshop uses Ingram, the major distributor to book stores, to fulfill the orders. Amazon offers the ease of purchase for its many users, and pays authors a high commission. As much as I would prefer you to order from local shops, I know that there is a need for convenience in purchases as well, and have provided links to both options. 

Please note that at this time, the Retro Edition of The Unmerciful Sea is only available through my site or through the single online retailer. This is due to its particular size and layout. I will be working on getting that book version available through Ingram soon. Nag's Head is only available through Amazon as well, for similar reasons. Both books can still be ordered by your favorite book store.

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